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Three Effective Approaches for Personalized Marketing Campaign Maneuvers

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Working with an online finance company specializing in international web brokerage, Jeff did a lot of research on their target market, customer journey, and how to personalize PPC campaigns to narrowly focus on their target market."[We] targeted larger English speaking cities outside the US where there was still significant keyword volume for finance keywords related to their markets," Jeff explained. «Which ended up being London, England, Ontario, Canada and British Columbia, [after] filtering out a lot of other geographic locations due to other variables that may have disqualified them.»From this point Jeff used focused keywords that appealed to the target market to reel in the client's audience such as day traders, high frequency traders, trade with margin, no account minimums, etc.Due to the efforts made to personalize the campaign towards their target market right away, the campaign did well out of the gates in performance metrics:«Customizing and personalizing your marketing campaigns for different individualized targeted segments is key,» said Jeff. «Even using the word 'you' in landing page forms can help your company relay your message to your audience and feel as if the marketing message is aimed entirely at them.»He continues, «By personalizing marketing messages and engaging audiences emotionally, it can help them to commit and envision their lives with your product or company in it. Every step of the conversion funnel should prepare your customers to do business with your organization, and to feel as if the product or ad was exactly what they were looking for — or custom tailored for them ».

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Автор: Larry Stanley


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