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The Three-Pronged Approach to BI and Data Management Strategy

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Data has become the engine oil for every company, and analytics the combustion engine. In order to exploit the true potential of data, it is imperative for organizations to understand the value data brings to the table and how it can help drive insightful decision-making in countless business activities.

Often companies want to move into the Big Data deployment phase but face pitfalls as they get stranded in one phase or another. The main reason behind the struggle is due to the absence of BI and data management strategy in place and thus many companies struggle to move beyond big data strategy «on paper» to completing the full big data lifecycle

In every company, data should be the cornerstone of strategy, as it ultimately helps in moving from Big Data planning to actual deployment.

The make your data the To talk and drive your business to a new of the realm of Potential, IT is Essential for companies to chalk out an Enterprise data management strategy studies That data holistically and Brings out as with the Relevant Insights Explained in the this brand advertising video .

To create a data strategy framework, you need relevant, complete, accurate, timely, consistent, meaningful, and usable data so that final output leads to productivity enhancements and incremental ROI.

The Foundation of the Three-Pronged Approach

When developing a data management strategy that is going to inform business decisions while integrating smoothly with business processes, it's important to look at the overarching framework from three different angles:

Systems and for What • Up Need Technologies to in the BE PLACE
• Improvements for What CAN the BE made to the existing the Processes
• for What an organizational roles and effect are the affected by data change

The first angle in this trifecta-type approach is technology. Without taking a look at how technology bogs down processes and teams, it's not possible to get a good grasp on where an organization can improve.
It's necessary to evaluate the platforms on the market, introduce new solutions, and enhance existing tools.

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