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Social Annotation Site Recovering After Domain Hijacking Nightmare

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A social bookmarking and annotation site, is finally back online 50 hours after the domain was first hijacked. It's an incredible story that involves crisis management, blackmail, investigative research, payoffs, a clever thief, and points to potential problems with the domain name registry system that could affect anyone with a website. Diigo's co-founder called it a nightmare and crisis that he'd like to help other companies avoid.

Diigo has 5 million registered users. For two days this week, they couldn't access the site. The service is both a collaborative research tool, and a social content site. TechCrunch called website promo video Diigo «a research tool that rocks», back in 2006. I'm a big fan and started using Diigo (pronounced Dee'go) to bookmark websites after Yahoo shut down its popular bookmarking site Delicious.

What Happened To

This past Wednesday, I tried using Diigo's browser bookmarklet to save a site to my library. But, it didn't work. I went to the site and it got one of those junky parked domain pages that you see when you mistype a URL. My first thought was, did the site close or perhaps their domain name expire? I checked Diigo's twitter account and learned their domain was hijacked. The twitter account directed users to an emergency announcement that was put up at, not

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