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Google Gives Google+ Some Nips and Tucks

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Google on Tuesday announced three new updates to Google+ in an effort to revive interest in the faltering product.

The added features will be rolled out next week, when the old Google+ layout will vanish.

First, lower quality comments will be hidden, although Google did not explain how comments will be judged or who will make those calls.

Google has tweaked the Google+ user interface to display more posts and less white space.

Further, a zoom functionality has been added to photos on Google+.

Google+ has not fared well in the social media space, and Google last year recharacterized it as a content curation site rather than a social network.

It redesigned the Google+ site, offering tools for moderating communities, as well as adding images and linking to comments.

There's a dearth of statistics and information about Google+ online to support either side of debate over the validity of its existence.

Although some have compared it to the walking dead, Google+ has an estimated 120 million unique monthly users, according to eBizMBA, which ranked it sixth on its top 15 list of most popular social networking sites in January.

Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest were the five most popular social networking sites in January.

«Google+ has had a hard time getting traction,» noted Michael Jude, a program manager at Stratecast / Frost & Sullivan.

That's because it was late to the game, he told TechNewsWorld.

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