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The Red-Headed Stepchild of Social Media

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The principal attraction of Google+ is the way it integrates with the Google solution set, Frost's Jude remarked. «It's possible to do everything in Google, rather than use several service providers.»

However, it's one more application to manage, he said.

Another weakness is that Google «has not been exactly trustworthy with personal information,» Jude pointed out. «Many people distrust putting all of their personal lives under Google's scrutiny.»

Google+ «could be a far better way to do social networking, but like the kid in school with great potential, if [Google is not] willing to put in the effort, that potential will never be reached,» Enderle observed.

The service «could be a useful way to manage internal company communications and teams,» Jude suggested.

As for why Google is continuing to work on Google+, given the service's relatively weak showing and its failure to compete with Facebook, it may be that company officials «just have not got around to shutting it down yet,» Enderle said. «Unless their interest changes, I expect that decision is still coming.»

However, while positive, they are more «along the lines of a hotel saying they're going to repaint the bathrooms and get rid of the smell,» he told TechNewsWorld. «They may lead fewer people to leave the service, but are not compelling enough to bring people back.»

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