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The Neobase Is Your Own Private Social Network In A Box

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With the growing number of large-scale hacks and revelations of government surveillance still fresh on people's minds, a company called Neone is introducing a way for families and friends to more privately share content, including files, photos, videos and more, with one another without having to rely on the cloud. Instead, with a piece of hardware it's calling the Neobase, you're able to store your own information and content at home on an encrypted device, and then share that content directly over a secure connection with others — without having to first pass through other devices, servers, or websites.

Over the years, several startups have attempted to combat dominant social networking services like those from Facebook, also by noting the need for increased user privacy in their marketing pitches. But it has not been until recently we've seen even a slight shift in social networking beginning to take place — with growing numbers of consumers now active on private, and often mobile, messaging and communications apps, for example.

This is where Neobase could potentially fit in. While today it offers something of a home server for your content, users interact with its social networking services via either desktop apps for Mac or PC, or mobile applications on their tablets or smartphones. Initially its app will be released for iOS devices, with Android support in the works.

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