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There is no IoT

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There's a general malaise growing around IoT. After years of hype, more hype and even more hype, people are now starting to wonder: Where is this shiny, artificially intelligent, fully connected future of things we were promised?

Certainly a botnet of hacked IoT devices launching one of the largest DDoS attacks ever seen has not helped.

Part of the problem, like with any massive transformation, is because of the nature of exponential growth curves: Change takes time, and will come more slowly at first.

But the other problem is us: Our stubborn attachment to a label that, for example, places wind turbine vibration sensors in the same jargon-bucket as a voice-activated home speaker that can control our lights.

This giant market we call the «Internet of Things,» encompassing everything from wearables to autonomous vehicles to smart homes/factories/cities, simply does not exist.

Yes, there is change afoot, transforming our industries, lives and world. Change driven by fundamental technological shifts: cheaper, more powerful hardware; nearly ubiquitous connectivity; cloud computing.

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Автор: markblake


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