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M2M Vs. IoT

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1.Name itself is machine to machine interface. It is related to bulk production which may use various industry, medical application.
2.Here cost is not important as compare to IoT. But efficiency, productivity is more important
3.Here MODBUS, Profibus, CAN etc protocol use for interconnection as per requirement
4.Mostly PLC used for establishing connectivity
5.Require more precaution for EMI/EMC, harmonic related issue.
6. It include PLC, SCADA system, Motor Drives, sensor, actuator etc
7. M2M system production is small compare to IoT

1.Mostly related to home, office automation. U can say Commercial application
2.Here Cost is most sensitive part. E.g For Simple LED lamp if dimming circuit used than dimming circuit cost is require less than LED lamp. If it i 2x,
3x than customer is not interested in dimming application.
3.Here wireless protocol used such as Zigbee, WiFi, Bluetooth etc
4.Mostly Android phone, ardunino board based.
5. Require precaution of user safety, Size, sensitive supply variation, battery backup etc
6. It include controller, sensor, switching device such as relay, SCR etc
7. Bulk production so cost reduce.

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