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Here are Goldman Sachs's top 13 "rule of ten" growth stocks

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Goldman Sachs released a new report detailing some of what it views as important data points, market observations, and investor recommendations.

The report includes a list of secular growth stocks that trade at «reasonable valuations.»

The list was compiled using Goldman Sachs's «rule of ten» criteria. In order to be included on the list, a stock must have each of the following:

  1. At least 10% long term EPS growth
  2. At least 10% 2015A and 2016E sales growth
  3. At least 10% 2017E and 2018E sales growth

Of the over 750 stocks analyzed, 60 met all three criteria. The top 13 include some of the largest companies by market cap in the world like Netflix, Amazon, and Tesla, along with some lesser known companies as well.

Here are the top 13 «rule of ten» secular growth stocks trading at reasonable valuations, arranged by Goldman Sachs's growth forecast for 2107.

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