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Formspring Relaunches As An Interest-Based Social Network

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Q & A site Formspring is today announcing what the company says is its biggest news since its original launch back in 2009. Yes, Formspring has been overhauled. The company is shifting its focus from social Q & A, to a site that's more focused on conversations built around interests. To complement this change, Formspring is also rolling out a completely redesigned website to highlight the company's new direction. A mobile web version will soon follow.

CEO Ade Olonoh says the decision to shift Formspring's focus is reflective of what's been happening organically on the site over the past six months leading up to today. «It's a pretty fundamental shift in the product,» he admits, but one that followed user behavior. «We took a step back, talked to our most engaged users to understand why they're using the site, looked at their activity, and it was clear that this was happening, even though it was very difficult on the old Formspring to do. „

Users were creating accounts that were geared only towards asking questions around a particular interest, he says, and were participating in communities that were not necessarily tied to their social graph.

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