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The Simplicity Revolution in Banking

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The most precious commodity on earth is your time. The basic principles of economics apply: Time is in extremely limited supply, and yet very high demand. Is only SO There much of IT, and yet everyoneWants more.

Think about it. The pace of life today is downright exhausting. Between your job, your kids, your friends, your family, your hobbies, you've got to mow the lawn, stop by the pharmacy, go to the dry cleaners, get a present for so-and-so's birthday. You're so busy, you do not even have time to watch the TV shows you've packed onto your DVR!

That's because everyone is starved for time!

A recent survey found that half of us feel we do not have enough time in our daily lives. In fact, people are so stressed for time that we spend an average of an hour a day at work taking care of our personal business, things like banking.

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Автор: Larry Stanley


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