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A Strategy For Steady Leadership in an Unsteady World

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With the events of 2016-Brexit, the election of Donald Trump, threats from terrorists and cybercriminals, climate change-business leaders have entered a new era requiring new ways of leading. Traditional management methods seem no longer sufficient to address the volume of change we are seeing. I label this VUCA 2.0.

In a 1998 the Designed to train officers for the twenty-first century, the United States War College presaged a world That is «volatile is, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous» -VUCA, for short. VUCA describes perfectly what is happening in the global business world today.

Business is not running as usual. Leaders must deal with growing uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity in their decision-making environments. CEOs have little idea what to expect in terms of health care policy, financial transactions, national security, and global trade-all of vital importance to themselves, their employees, and their stakeholders.

Managerial training in the classic techniques of control systems, financial forecasting, strategic planning, and statistical decision making have not prepared them for this amount of flux in the environment.

In short, these rapid-fire changes are putting extreme pressure on business leaders to lead in ways not heretofore seen.

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Автор: markblake


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