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Secrets of successful people and great leaders

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It is a sentiment shared by Brene Brown.

Brown, a research professor at the University of Houston studying vulnerability, courage, shame, and authenticity, spoke at a leadership conference held by Business Chicks in Sydney on Thursday.

«It's not about what you know, it's about who you are,» Brown told the 500-strong audience, later adding: «Do you care about what you're doing… I do not think you can have great leadership when people? have no sense of purpose about what they're doing. „

In her talk she revealed her latest research about the key qualities in the world's most successful people and the best leaders.

Interestingly, none were to do with education or access to funding or great connections.

“It is the lack of personal development, not the lack of professional development that prohibits leaders from being good,» Brown said. «They are not taking care of their shit; they do not know who they are, they do not know how they are showing up, and they are working stuff out at work.»

So what do the greatest leaders have in common, she asked.

1. «Absolute complete awareness about their emotional life.»

2. «They have a deep understanding of the emotional landscape of the people who work around them and are not afraid to engage with emotion.»

3. «I have not met a transformational leader in 15 years who did not do discomfort. Leadership is about discomfort. I will choose what is courageous over what is comfortable.»

As for the biggest issues in leadership, Brown said there are a couple of standouts.

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