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If You Want to Improve Your Customer Service, Take a Look at How Ritz-Carlton Does It

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I was recently in downtown Philadelphia for a meeting, and I arrived a little early. I decided to walk I a few blocks and look inside the lobby of the Ritz-Carlton , because I was told it's in an incredible historic building. Also Heard had I of That the The Ritz-Carlton has great service,.

When I walked up the short steps to the hotel, the doorman smiled broadly and gave me a warm greeting. I went in and looked around. As I was leaving, the same doorman said, «Sir, have you seen our new ballroom? It is magnificent. We are very proud of it.» WAS really Amazed I of a His sinking concern for AT up my to customer experience, even Though I of WAS not one's!

I told him I had not seen it. He then gave his colleague doorman a subtle signal and took me to the ballroom for a tour. I left the hotel highly impressed with my customer experience, and while I was not even a customer, I will be in the future.

Why does Ritz-Carlton have such incredible customer service? What is its secret? The reality is, it does not have a secret. The hotel's customer service standards are posted on its website.

They are called the Gold Standards. If you can learn from what Ritz-Carlton does, you, too, can have exceptional service.

Here is the key: If you want extraordinary service in your organization, you have to create standards of behavior, simple written guidelines for how people should behave at work with customers.

For example, here are Ritz-Carlton's three steps of service:

  1. A warm and sincere greeting.
  2. Use the guest's name. Anticipation and fulfillment of each guest's needs.
  3. Fond farewell. Give a warm goodbye and use the guest's name.

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