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6 Ways to Spring Clean Your Skin Care Routine

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Swap Moisturizer for Lighter Lotion

In warm, humid weather, you're more likely to sweat when you're out and about. For spring skin care, swap your heavy moisturizer for a lighter lotion if your skin is normal, or skip it altogether if you have oily, acne-prone skin. «Often, you can change from thick creams in jars to thinner ones that pump from the bottle,» Miller says. However, if you have very dry skin, eczema, or psoriasis, you may need a heavier, creamy moisturizer year round.

Bathe More Frequently

If you avoided frequent bathing during the dry winter, spring is a good time to return to a daily shower or bath, as you'll likely be sweating more. But do not overdo it. «Bathing more than once a day, even in summer, should be avoided if possible due to over-drying of the skin,» Miller says. If you shower more than once daily, moisturize damp skin to lock in moisture, and only use soap for one shower a day, simply rinsing off with water during your next shower.

Exfoliate for a Healthy Glow

Exfoliating can slough off dry, dead skin cells after the winter months and restore a fresh glow to the skin. «Gentle exfoliation once a week helps moisturizers absorb into skin, evens skin texture, and if you use self-tanners, helps them go on more evenly and last longer,» Miller says. Use caution if you have rosacea, warns the National Rosacea Society, and avoid harsh scrubbing or grainy products that may irritate the skin and cause a flare.

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