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20 Benefits To Using Linkedin Even If You Don’t Sell To Other Businesses

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When a small business owner comes to me looking for advice, it's usually about how to utilize and maximize their effective use of social media.

Everyone wants to be active on Facebook, Twitter and the various blog sitespromoting their business.

Some people have a general idea about how well consistent blogging can reach people, or how fast and easy a simple tweet can burn across the millions of Twitter users, and so on and so forth.

Rarely do I get someone who fully understands just how beneficial Linkedin is for business.

Now! Just, IT Could the BE That do not I of the write much about, the which hope I of the this article Serves to remedy, But, IT is likely to That there are a lot of people the who do not Understand how to use IT, and more over the which aspects of Linkedin to capitalize on to make it a beneficial tool.

When you look at the numbers, and while these stats might be a bit dated, Facebook has over a billion accounts, Twitter has more than half of that at over 500 Million, and Linkedin has over 300 million users.

Yes, Facebook and Twitter are bigger, but Linkedin caters to those in the business community that desire the vast networking power of social media without sacrificing the attention of the people using Linkedin. On Linkedin, you will only see business related material that many will find useful.

Of the size bed regardless of your business, you will of see linkedin benefits — I of CAN by Almost guarantee IT. While there are 5x the people on Facebook, the people on Linkedin are there for a completely different reason- to promote and grow their business.

Why are you active on Facebook? To connect with friends and family. Different reasons to be active, different results for making money.

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Автор: markblake


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