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Black Market Beauty

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I never thought I'd hear the term «cosmetic crime,» but according to an article in The New York Times, South Florida has become the nation's capital of black-market beauty treatments. What's happening is that practitioners from South American countries like Colombia, Venezuela and Peru fly to Miami for a brief visit, or perhaps set up a residence, and offer a variety of services ranging from botox and silicone injections to plastic surgery. And these procedures are not being done in hospitals or even in doctor's offices. Instead, they are done in houses, hotel rooms, beauty salons and oftentimes in groups at gatherings like Tupperware parties!

But the worst news is the large number of people who have suffered with the results of botched procedures, complications and even some cases of infection leading to death. The most frequent side effects are unsightly lumps, bumps, and lopsided or distorted facial features. These disastrous outcomes can be difficult if not impossible to correct, and the cost is quite high (and not covered by insurance). One physician who sees two to three patients a day seeking repair of disfiguring outcomes, was quoted by the Times as saying «It's an epidemic.»

The practitioners are unlicensed in the State of Florida and are usually foreign-trained doctors, nurses, medical aids, beauticians, cosmeticians and the like. The Miami-Dade County Police Department even set up an unlicensed practitioner unit, and the State Department of Health has an Unlicensed Activity Office. Since 1998, this office has investigated more than 4,000 complaints, which have to the arrests of 485 unlicensed practitioners!

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