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3 Great Ways to Make Money on the Side

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We all love the idea of being able to make a bit of extra cash on the side, without, you know, working too hard for it. For many people, a steady second income that comes in each month without requiring constant effort and attention is the dream.

The thing is, it's entirely possible to make more money without having to completely disrupt your life or take huge risks. Side hustle opportunities are all around you, and the only thing required is a bit of creativity, enthusiasm and the willingness to try.

To help inspire you to find your own second income stream, I've put together a list of hacks and ideas that might just spark a great idea and help you start earning more.

1. Appify your job (and sell the app).

Almost every job consists of at least some repetitive tasks that can be mapped into a workflow that can be streamlined using an app. When you really analyze things, you often end up realizing that the «human» part of it (the part that relies on our creativity, experience and / or skill) is actually quite small — but this is often the part we need the most help with so there's a value add gap.

Blogging, for example, could be broken up into:

Ideation (coming up with an article concept)

Planning and research (what should the article contain, who is it targeted to, etc)


Publishing and promotion

An app that breaks up the process of writing a blog post into these constituent parts might then be able to offer additional value by helping with ideas, or offering a marketplace for commissioned articles (eg brands might request a specific article, which shows up in the bloggers ideation section).

Basically, it could help writers, editors and publishers move through each phase quickly and easily, streamlining the entire process. And, in fact, the writing part could be sent off to one (or more) copywriters, because the concept and research is already available for them (from steps 1 and 2). This would allow the person driving the process to focus on areas of their own strength and collaborate with others where they are weaker.

With a valuable app like this in hand, you would stand to make a lot of money by sharing it with the millions of content producers out there who could:

Access crowdsourced, cloud-based article ideas, or a marketplace for paid articles

Do a bit of planning and research

Pass this off to one or more highly rated copywriters (who perhaps bid on work to produce a competitive, efficient marketplace)

Automate the process of pitching the article to editors and publishers

Initiate a promotional campaign for the article at the click of a button (again, potentially using rated marketers who bid for work)

For More details, see here: Energy video

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