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How to Push Yourself to Do Things You Don't Want to Do With the 5-Second Rule

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The Network partner of Bryan Entrepreneur Elliott sat down with the bestselling author, speaker and Items matching coach Mel Robbins to talk about of The Rule 5 of Second . What is the 5-second Rule? Using the science of habits, Mel Robbins explains the power of a «push moment» and how to break through the times when we are close to self-sabotage. It's a simple and effective technique she discovered while grappling with her own business struggle.

We are all familiar with those moments when we are faced with a challenge or opportunity. It ends in fight or flight. We have thousands of opportunities to make (good) choices every day. These may include things like what we eat, how we speak to others or staying focused on our work activity.

Robbins says that our intuitions are usually correct, and we know what we should be doing to be happy and successful. We even know how to do it; we do not fail because we do not have the information. After all, if you want Zac Efron abs, all you have to do is lay off the doughnuts and complete about 500 crunches every day.

The trouble is that most of us pull a mental emergency brake on what we know we should do because it's scary or we do not feel like it. To this Robbins says, «Guess what? You're never going to feel like it.» Enter, the 5-second Rule.

It turns out that it takes just 5 seconds to push through, and every time you do, you may be taking small steps that make a big difference in your life.

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