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Turning One Thousand Customers into One Million

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As impressive as that accomplishment was, 1,000 customers is hardly enough to ensure long-run success. For that, these companies had to scale up dramatically, from 1,000 to over 1 million, which is the subject of a sequel case study by Teixeira and Brown.Importantly, the strategies that made these companies successful starting out are not the same ones to take them to the next level.To get from zero to 1,000 customers, the three startups faced a chicken-and-egg problem: How could they attract suppliers if they didn’t have any users? For example, how could Uber recruit drivers with only a few customers, and at the same time, attract customers if there were no drivers? How could Airbnb convince potential room renters to join its platform without a large catalog of potential places to stay?After surpassing 1,000 customers, organic opportunities for the companies to acquire more customers and suppliers in bulk became increasingly rare. So Uber and Airbnb turned to digital marketing as a targeted way to reach new people. Unlike traditional mass media advertising such as local TV commercials or print ads, which are expensive and time-consuming, paid digital media such as Google search ads, Facebook ads, and YouTube video ads offer many benefits that make them better suited for platform startups.For more details: Cloud overview video Examples

Автор: David Hill


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