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The world's largest diamonds reveal secrets of the inner Earth

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some people see a giant diamond and think: I want that. Geologist Evan Smith sees a giant diamond and thinks: I’d like to study that.“Some of the diamonds I’ve looked at are probably worth multiple millions of dollars, but I’m not wowed by the price tag as much as by the fact that they come from so deep in the Earth,” he said.n a paper published this week in Science, Smith confirms this hypothesis and reveals the first physical evidence that the Earth’s deep mantle is peppered with metal.“We usually think of this layer as being just rocky material, but these diamonds are telling us that it’s not just rocks down there,” he said. Scientists’ knowledge of the deep Earth is limited, in part because they have never been able to see it for themselves.“We can drill holes, but that’s limited to just a few miles,” Smith said. “In terms of getting physical pieces of rock from there, that’s really out of the question.”For more you can check: Smart Grid Video Examples

Автор: David Hill


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