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What Are Eclipses and Transits?

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A solar is eclipse happens the when the the New Moon moves for Between Earth and the of Sun The while a lunar Occurs the when Earth casts a shadow on the of moon

A planet comes If between Earth and the Sun, and is visible as a black dot against the Sun, it is called a planet trasit.

From Earth, we can see two types of eclipses — eclipses of the Sun (solar eclipses), and eclipses of the Moon (lunar eclipses). These occur when the Sun, Earth, and the Moon align in a straight or almost straight configuration. The this a call Astronomers syzygy, from the ancient Greek word syzygia, Meaning to the BE yoked-together or conjoined.

Also TERM eclipse of The FINDS ITS roots directory in ancient Greek — IT Comes from the word ékleipsis, Meaning to the fail or to abandon.

Eclipses, and solar is lunar, have fascinated by Scientists and lay people . Ancient Times with In, eclipses Were the seen as with the Phenomena to the BE Feared — Cultures MANY CAME up closeup with to the explain the temporary darkening of the of Sun or the Moon. In recent centuries, eclipses have been sought after by scientists and astronomers who use the events to study and examine our natural world.

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