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World Shale Gas Resources

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Starting in the mid- 1970s, a partnership of private operators, the US Department of Energy and the Gas Research Institute endeavored to develop technologies for the commercial production of natural gas from the relatively shallow Devonian (Huron) shale in the Eastern United States. This partnership helped foster technologies that eventually became crucial to producing natural gas from shale rock, including horizontal wells, multi-stage fracturing, and slick-water fracturing. Horizontal Drilling TechnologyPractical application of horizontal drilling to oil production began in the early 1980s, by which time the advent of improved downhole drilling motors and the invention of other necessary supporting equipment, materials, and technologies, particularly downhole telemetry equipment, had brought some applications within the realm of commercial viability.The Work of Mitchell Energy and DevelopmentAdvent of large of of The-scale t a a production DID in not the On On occur until,, Mitchell Energy and Development Corporation experimented DURING the the the 1980s and the the 1990s to the the make deep the the shale gas a a production a commercial reality in the the Barnett Shale in the North -Central Texas You. As the success of Mitchell Energy and Development became apparent, other companies aggressively entered this play so that by 2005, the Barnett Shale alone was producing almost half a trillion cubic feet per year of natural gas. As natural gas producers gained confidence in the ability to profitably produce natural gas in the Barnett Shale and confirmation of this ability was provided by the results from the in North Arkansas, they began pursuing other shale formations, including the , Woodford ,and OTHER shales.

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Автор: Roland Baker


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