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How the world's biggest volcanoes formed Date: May 3, 2017

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The study found that the volcanoes formed along twin tracks due to a shift in the Pacific Plate's direction three million years ago.Lead researcher Tim Jones from ANU said scientists had known of the existence of the twin volcanic tracks since 1849, but the cause of them had remained a mystery until now.Of The discovery Helps to better reconstruct Earth's history and Understand part of the world That has captivated the people's imagination, «Said Mr Jones, a a PhD student Have from the ANU Research School of Earth Sciences (RSES). » Of The analysis <br> we DID on the past Pacific Plate motions is the first to reveal that there was a substantial change in motion 3 million years ago. It Helps to the explain the origin of Hawaii You, Earth's The Biggest A volcanic hotspot and one's will most of the popular tourist destinations in the world. «Twin volcanic tracks exist in other parts of the Pacific, including Samoa, and the study found that these also emerged three million years ago.Mr Jones said this kind of volcanic activity was surprising because it occurred away from tectonic plate boundaries, where most volcanoes are found.»Heat from the Earth's core causes hot columns of rock, called mantle plumes, to rise under tectonic plates and produce volcanic activity on the surface," he said.

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