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Information Security Management

Размещено 21.02.2017.
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Protecting the private and personal information of industries and people is not only a vital and important career, it's also never been more in demand. If you're technically minded and are looking to add to your already impressive resume, the Information Security Management program will give your future career the boost it needs.
To fit in with your busy schedule, the program is available 100% online or in a traditional in-class format (full-time or part-time) with September, January or May admissions. Once you've chosen schedule that best suits your needs, you'll learn how to manage both the operational and strategic aspects of information security. In just eight months, you'll develop the skills to identify how a business is vulnerable, and how to best safeguard their information. You'll also learn detailed practical aspects of security such as risk analysis, vulnerability testing, writing security policies, implementing access controls, and performing security audits.
When you graduate, your career options will be as diverse as your future clients. Work as a Security Analyst, in the public or private sectors. Give your career security while helping companies keep their data safe.
For more information, see the IT Security management video