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Flood and Coastal Risk Management Officer

Размещено 08.06.2017.
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As a Flood and Coastal Risk Management (FCRM) Officer you’ll work as part of a team developing an understanding of flood risk in your patch. You’ll work with internal and external partners reducing the risk of flooding to people and property and influence sustainable development as part of our regulatory role.
Your role will include the development and delivery of FCRM projects, with a focus on working with professional partners and communities to secure partnership funding. Influencing the work of key professional partners, such as Lead Local Flood Authorities.

You'll lead the identification of communities at greatest flood risk and work with those communities to deliver flood risk and environmental outcomes.

We are looking for highly motivated individuals with ambition to be involved in a full range of complex FCRM and incident management activities. (We have a flexible range of roles you can volunteer for and you’ll get all the training and support you need). Working with senior colleagues, you'll help support and deliver outcomes that benefit communities at flood risk and the environment.

The role involves regular travel within Kent and South London meeting with partners and undertaking site visits.


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