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Ready made company in Latvia, Lithuania or Estonia

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Ready-made company, also known as Shell Company, previously formed company, seasoned company or aged company describes Limited Liability Company (LLC) or partnership that has had no activity, metaphorically put on the shelf to age or being like an empty shell. Usually ready-made company is VAT registered.

Benefits of shelf company
Process of business purchase
Changing the company`s name and/or address
Recent practice
Benefits of shelf company are:
Time saving. The process of incorporation requires time, faster registration costs more money because of higher state fees. It is faster to change owner of existing company.
Corporate longevity. Some partners or credit institutions may look at registration date before proceeding cooperation. Possible clients will trust older company, which could be used for advertising.
History of your business. Enhances corporation's image with age and increases credibility.
Need in bank loan. It may be easier if you can show your history of being incorporated.
Baltic Legal offers legal support in ready-made company's purchase and provides best quality services and useful advices in related matters.

Process of business purchase
The business purchase takes only few days. Due to reliability and cooperation with our partners we are able to arrange a ready-made company for you in one day! Registration with Commercial Registry takes 4 business days (might be reduced up to 2 days).

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