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Principal Engineer

Размещено 08.08.2017.
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Контактное лицо/Продавец:
1) Creating complex data processing pipelines, using apache spark/hadoop.
2) Maintain and expand batch aggregations/reports to existing data mart processing using Hive/Oozie.
3) Maintain and expand real-time real-time aggregations using Spark streaming,Cassandra,Graphite, Elasticsearch. Writing Unit tests, integration tests and help in defining and executing performance Tests for Datamart components.
4) Deploying data pipelines in production based on Continuous Delivery practices.
5) Create Dashboards/Alerts exhibiting critical metrics and KPI (key performance indicators) for monitoring/tuning and scaling data processing pipelines.
6)Work with Senior Architects to define next generation Architecture for Datamart.
7) Work Closely with Operations team to size, scale and tune existing and new infrastructure.
8) Clearly, communicate ideas, thought process, different alternatives for design and architecture in Discussions and written communication

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