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Jr Platform Systems Admin

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Defines, designs and implements network communications and solutions using the UNIX platform. Proposes and implements system enhancements (software and hardware updates) that will improve the performance and reliability of the system. Manages the load configuration of a central data communication processor and makes recommendations for purchase or upgrade of data networks. Coordinates terminal orders and cable installation, network system planning, upgrading, monitoring, testing and servicing. Approves action requests and specifies purchase requirements. Negotiates and places orders with common carriers. Analyzes, acquires, installs, modifies and supports operating systems, databases, utilities and Internet/intranet-related tools. Conducts systems programming and systems support activities, such as new or revised program language codes, processing routines and report generators. Monitors effective language codes, processing routines, hardware use and use of database management techniques. Modifies, maintains and updates software, such as compilers, link editors, assemblers, OEM utilities, JCL, macros and subroutines. Develops and reviews operator and control instructions. Prepares and conducts system and programming tests requiring interfacing of hardware and software. Conducts programming tasks including program design, program coding, debugging and documentation.

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