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You are here because you are serious about 2 things Landing page and Explainer videos. All marketers and content marketing experts talk about how landing page can be better synced online with a website visitor’s expectations. Videos are used on landing page to quickly communicate value propositions or product features.
So, if you are contemplating on using Explainer videos on your website landing page, you might be thinking about these questions:
What should be the video tonality and suitable length
How do i drive a specific call to action through the video
Where do i place the video and how do i host the video
What happens if i evolve my website or platform, how do i use the video then

With you can create your stunning website in just minutes! Wix is a free do-it-yourself website builder, that allows users to create a stunning online presence. With an intuitive drag n’ drop editor, everyone is able to create a professional and beautiful website. The marketing video blends UI, mockups and animation brilliantly creating a sense of ease and influences the audience to explore WIX.

Here are Some Examples of Website explainer video

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